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Youth Sports Culture Needs An Overhaul

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We can all remember a time when youth sports was a respite from the everyday stress in the world. A place where our children were safe and they learned valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork, attitude, hard work and character development.

Now.. not so much. Unfortunately, we have all probably heard horror stories of parents brawling during and after games or officials, umpires and referees having things thrown at them or being verbally attacked with profanity. What happened to role models? How do we expect these young athletes to turn out if this is what they are shown on a regular basis?

Dr. Jacobs has worked as a renowned sport psychologist for 39 years and as a radio talk show host for 28 years. He has worked with Olympians, professional and collegiate athletes and children of all ages. One of his passions has been to restore the culture of youth sports and is using the power of syndicated radio and podcasting to do it with his weekly show, the Dr. Andrew Jacobs Sport Psychology Hour.

In addition, Dr. Jacobs has been a strong advocate about the role of mental health in sports. Athletes and coaches are no different than anyone else in terms of the stressors, pressures, and demands placed on them. Recently we’ve seen numerous athletes discuss how important the psychological side has been in their play and personal lives. This is another area that he addresses on his show to help educate and promote the importance of psychology and mental health in sports.

Doing a radio show and podcast with the quality that Dr. Jacobs provides to a rapidly growing audience is not an inexpensive venture. That being said, it is the most cost effective way to spread and engage the culture with this important message. We would love to partner with you in our efforts to restore the culture of youth sports and change the lives of the next generation of athletes.

Click below to donate to The Sportsmanship Foundation, created by Dr. Andrew Jacobs, which educates athletes, parents, coaches, officials and the general public about sportsmanship and the mental side of sports for the purpose of improving sports performances and the lives of athletes of all ages and skill levels.THE SPORTSMANSHIP FOUNDATION, INC. is a Kansas Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3) Public Charity.