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Aaron Hernandez Uncovered: Podcaster Roundtable

Dr. Jacobs joins other notable podcasters at Oxygen Network’s roundtable to discuss the life and tragedy of Aaron Hernandez.

Aaron Hernandez

Competitive Juices Run High In Kc Youth Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams caused a stir in NFL circles last week when he expressed his opposition towards participation trophies.

New Book Advises: Just Let 'Em Play
Play book

Dr. Jacobs Joins KA

Sports psychologist Dr. Andy Jacobs talks sportsmanship, and new book "Let 'Em Play.

KC Interview

Dr. Jacobs On Fox 4 Discussing Sportsmanship

Dr. Andrew Jacobs said the inexcusable behavior is a teachable moment, and a suspension is designed to help a player learn from his mistake...."Kicking him off the team would accomplish nothing," Jacobs said....

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