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Dr. Andrew Jacobs talks with Dani on The Locker Room Show

The Locker Room guest, Dr. Andrew Jacobs, has worked with athletes of all ages from kids to Olympians.


Aaron Hernandez Uncovered: Podcaster Roundtable

Dr. Andrew Jacobs joins other notable podcasters at Oxygen Network’s roundtable to discuss the life and tragedy of Aaron Hernandez.

Aaron Hernandez


Dr. Andrew Jacobs Joins KSHB Kansas City

Sports psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs talks sportsmanship, and new book "Let 'Em Play.

KC Interview

Dr. Andrew Jacobs On Fox 4 Discussing Sportsmanship

Dr. Andrew Jacobs said the inexcusable behavior is a teachable moment, and a suspension is designed to help a player learn from his mistake...."Kicking him off the team would accomplish nothing," Jacobs said....

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New Book Advises: Just Let 'Em Play

Youth sports are supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, and increasingly, that’s not always the case. Whether it’s 4-year-olds playing in competitive, organized leagues or parents throwing temper tantrums on the sidelines or behind the dugout, youth sports today are often made more intense than they should be. That’s the contention of “Just Let ’Em Play,” a new book co-authored by Kansas City sports psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs

Play book

Measuring the Immeasurable

Dr. Andrew Jacobs is one of the country’s most respected sports psychologists. Called a “pioneer of mental training,” his work focuses on building mental fortitude in athletes as well as the overall psychological aspects and influence on athleticism. Listen to the Life on the Outside podcast as they attempt to measure the immeasurable side of an athlete.

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Coaching players


Andrew Jacobs Psyched U.S. Olympic Cyclists To Victory By Susan Weaver



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Various Articles On Dr. Jacobs Time At Kansas University

Athlete silhouettes



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Dr. Jacobs and 1984 Olympians


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