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How to Avoid and Overcome the
Issues That Can Ruin Your Child's
Youth Sports Experience

with Dr. Andrew Jacobs and Fred Engh


What is a telephone seminar?

A teleseminar is like a giant telephone conference call. You listen to the moderator interview the guest, then you can either ask or email a question to the moderator at specific times during the interview. No traveling. No hefty fees. No hotel rooms to pay for. After you register, I will email you complete instructions that include the phone number to call to get onto the line and other tips for making this a fun learning experience. All you need is a telephone land line and you’re ready to go. If you can't attend, you can order the audio CD of the interview below.

How to Avoid and Overcome the
Issues That Can Ruin Your Child's
Youth Sports Experience

Don’t be the kind of parent who ruins a child’s love of sports. They will give you the tools to assist you at making your child's youth sports experience a successful one. Sport psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs interviews Fred Engh, the founder and president of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, about the role that parents play in motivating their children in youth sports. Dr. Jacobs has been a sport psychologist for 25 years and has worked with athletes at all levels of competition, from youth sports to the Olympic and professional level. For 15 years, he has hosted a popular radio show that focuses on youth sports, and has given hundreds of presentations on youth sports and sport psychology throughout the United States. Fred Engh founded the National Alliance for Youth Sports in 1981 and has spent over 30 years as a coach, educator and athletic director. He is the author of the book, "Why Johnny Hates Sports", and is a sought-after guest on numerous television and radio shows on how to make sports a positive experience for kids.

$27.97 for the teleseminar
$27.97 to order an audio CD of the teleseminar

Because this teleseminar will fill up fast, we cannot issue refunds once you have signed up.

Date & Time:
Wednesday, November 8, 2006
8PM Easter time
7PM Central time
6PM Mountain time
5PM Pacific time

You Will Learn:

What age is the appropriate age to start your child in youth sports.
How to choose the appropriate team and coach for your child.
How young is too young for your child to specialize in one sport.
What role should you play as a parent in your child's participation in a youth sport.
What should you do if you disagree with your child's coach about the way the coach talks with your child.
What are the pros and cons of individual vs. team sports.
How many sports can your child participate in at the same time and still be productive.
What is the appropriate age to let your child play on a traveling team.
Is it better to give kids participation trophies or just first place trophies?
How can you handle a potentially volatile situation that is brewing in the stands during a game.
At what age should equal playing time policies take a backseat to allowing th best kids to receive the bulk of the playing time?
What should you do when your child's coach becomes verbally abusive to only your child, but to other kids on the team?
Should you demand that your child's coach undergo a background check in order to coach in the league?


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